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Home to some of the world’s most iconic monuments and ancient civilisations which date back millennia, any trip to Egypt is certain to create lasting memories. Whether you want to visit the Pyramids in Cairo or the temples of the Nile Valley or relax and unwind in one of the many Red sea resorts, our Egypt group tours have something for every traveller.

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Home to ancient cultures, brilliant blue seas, vibrant cities and a remarkable history dating back over thousands of years, Turkey has long been an attraction for travellers the world over.

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Nepal is a perfectly landlocked Asian nation that offers an abundance of adventure – also featuring a diverse culture with beautiful palaces, temples and shrines adorning the Kathmandu Valley, gorgeous mountain vistas overlooking Pokhara, and national parks rich with wildlife.

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This week long Greece tour provides a great introduction to Athens, some of the surrounding highlights from ancient Greek history, and a taste of the country’s beautiful scenery.

Highlights: Acropolis & Parthenon in Athens, Mycenae, Mediterranean coast at Nafplion, Palamidi fortress, ancient theatre of Epidaurus, birth place of the Olympics at Olympia, Temple of Apollo at Delphi, clifftop monasteries at Meteora

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Quintessentially Middle Eastern, the desert country of Jordan was previously only accessible to the most intrepid of explorers. Visitors going on a Petra / Jordan today are now able to discover all aspects of the country, including beautiful desert and mountain scenery, lost cities, spectacular ruins and the delights of the Red Sea.

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From cities full of bustling souks, aromatic spices and beautiful mosques to the rugged desert landscapes, home to ancient caravan routes and small oasis towns, Morocco has something for everyone.

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Africa is home to a diverse collection of exciting holiday destinations – from the wildlife safaris of the East to the cultural sights of the West, and from the deserts of the North to the idyllic beaches and big cities of the South. we offer a selection of Africa tours that will leave travellers with an unforgettable experience of the continent that’s filled with diversity and colour!

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Our Lebanon tours take a deep dive into this small but adventurous Mediterranean country that offers a goldmine of historic sites to visit – although it has a turbulent history, it now makes a great place to visit, either in its own right or as part of a longer Middle East holiday itinerary.

safer encounters

Safer Encounters

Audits and risk assessments carried out for each destination before our operations re-start. We’re also putting enhanced hygiene and cleaning protocols in place.

Private Travel

Prefer to travel only with people you know? All our group tours can now be booked as private departures for solo travellers, couples, families and private groups.

Flexible Bookings

Do you want or need to change your plans? We’ve added extra flexibility to our booking conditions to allow for fee-free cancellations and date changes (conditions apply).

Smaller Numbers

We already specialise in small groups, and along with expecting lower numbers when travel restarts, we are reducing some of our group sizes to ensure better distancing.

Solo Travellers

Travelling on your own? We've removed compulsory single supplements from many of our group tours, and are giving a 10% discount off the supplement price if you don't want to share.

Responsible Travel

Our focus remains on travelling responsibly, supporting the local economies and communities that we travel through, and designing tours that protect the environment as best we can.

frequently asked questions


Please check our Coronavirus update blog post for details. This is updated weekly with details on cancellations and rebooking options.

We are keen to offer one of the most flexible booking policies around to our travellers. To that end, for all new bookings made until 31st December 2020, the following updated conditions will apply…

  • Balance payments now due 28 days before departure
    • Was 56 days
  • Transfer your booking to another traveller anytime up to 14 days before departure
    • The new traveller must agree to our booking conditions
    • Additional fees may be charged to cover the cost of any name changes on issued tickets such as domestic flights or Gorilla permits which are generally not transferrable
  • Penalties removed if you cancel:
    • Cancellations up to 28 days before departure – your full land payment transferred to a future credit
    • Cancel from 15 to 27 days before departure – 50% of your full land payment transferred to a future credit
    • Cancel from 0-14 days before departure – your deposit transferred to a future credit
    • Credits only apply to land tour payments. Flight tickets are often 100% non-refundable. Travel insurance may be transferred to a new date if you select it at the point of cancellation and have not claimed on the policy. 
    • Additional fees may apply to cover any charges for re-issuing tickets or permits (eg. domestic flight tickets and gorilla permits are generally non-changeable)
    • Credits must be applied to new bookings made before 31 Dec 2021 for travel before 31 Dec 2022
    • Credits are not redeemable for cash
    • Any cancellations of new bookings made by you using a credit from a former cancellation will incur the loss of your deposit. If made 15 to 27 days before departure, 25% of your payment transferred to credit. If made 0-14 days before departure, then no credit will be available. 
  • 110% credit applied if we cancel your tour
    • If we cancel your tour, a 110% credit will be applied to your payment 
    • This credit applies to the payment for your land tour only, and not towards any flights or travel insurance
    • Credits can be applied to any of our tours for new bookings made before 31 Dec 2021 for travel before 31 Dec 2022
    • Alternatively a cash refund will be available. Payments for travel insurance can be refunded if you can show you have not claimed on the policy and cannot re-use it. Refunds for flight bookings will be paid subject to the rules on your flight ticket and receipt of funds from your airline.
  • Reduced prices for solo travellers 
    • Compulsory single supplements have been removed from most of our group tours
    • If social distancing rules mean room sharing is not possible, or on tours where single supplements remain compulsory if a room share is are not available, a 50% discount will apply to the single room supplement price if we need to add it to your booking. 

Note – these conditions may be updated at anytime and the conditions in place at the time of your payment will apply to your booking.

We all have a duty of care to travel responsibly and to act in such a way as to protect both our own health and wellbeing, and that of our fellow travellers and the people we meet while on our travels. We ask that all our travellers are completely honest with us about any possible Covid-19 symptoms, and that they follow the guidance provided by both international organisations like the WHO, local regulations and our own health and safety protocols.

If you have symptoms before the tour starts, please get in touch with us straight away so we can discuss options for changing or cancelling your tour under our more flexible booking conditions.

Yes. All of our small group and shoestring tours are also now available as private departures for people who do not wish to join a group, but would prefer to just travel with their partner or family.

Prices for many of these tours will be kept exactly the same with a minimum of just two people travelling, though some will require a supplement based on the number of people in your party.

Please do contact us if you would like to travel on one of our group tour itineraries in a private fashion.

On most of our group tours, solo travellers may choose to share a room with another traveller of the same sex in the group. If a room share is not available then a single room supplement may be payable, with the costs for these kept as low as possible.

From August 2020 we are removing compulsory single supplements from many of our tours, and reducing the cost by 50% if we do need to pass a charge to people who want to share but can’t – please check individual tours for details.

Also, as we’re aware that fewer solo travellers may now want to share rooms, we will subsidise the cost of single supplements for people who definitely want their own room and provide a 10% discount off the normal price. This discount will be applied after booking (i.e. our website still shows the original prices, but these will be reduced when we confirm your booking and before you pay your balance).


We are mainly a small-group operator already which helps with our aim of re-starting our operations with lower numbers of people travelling together.

Small group tours: These have maximum group sizes of 12 to 20 people, and average numbers per departure of 8-10 people. As we expect numbers of people travelling to recover slowly we don’t expect many departures with larger numbers than this, ensuring you get a great experience with your fellow travellers and guide, with lower risks of catching infections too.

Shoestring tours: Some of our cheaper Shoestring tours are based on larger groups, potentially travelling with a full-sized coach and up to 45 people. The country health & safety audits that we will carry out before we re-start operations in each country will consider revised numbers on these tours, and we currently expect most will be initially restricted to a maximum of 50% capacity. However, again as we expect lower than normal numbers on each departure for the remainder of 2020 at least, average numbers are not expected to exceed 15-20 people .

Overland tours: These have a maximum group size of 20-24 people. As on these tours the group will be travelling together for a long time, hygiene on board has always been a high priority and this will be enhanced further. Group sizes are not expected to increase above 15 people until 2021.

We will be using larger vehicles than normal for the number of people travelling together, aiming to make sure that single travellers can always have a double seat.

Seat allocations will be agreed at the start of the tour and we ask that people stick to these throughout the trip rather than rotating around as they normally would.

Touch points such as door handles, head rests, will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes several times a day and the whole vehicle cleaned before the start of each tour and regularly throughout the trip.

Hand and respiratory hygiene is extremely important for all travellers to manage, especially now. We follow the international WHO advice for masks or face coverings which currently recommends that members of the general public wear non-medical, fabric type masks while in public places where maintaining good social distancing may be an issue (for example on public transport or in shops or museums).

In addition, local destinations may have their own rules which require their use in other settings. Advice on local requirements and general Covid-19 hygiene precautions will be provided by our guides at the start of our tours. We require all our travellers to follow any local regulations at all times.

We are sourcing disposable face masks, hand sanitiser and tissues to be provided in all our tour vehicles, but we request that all travellers bring their own as well. This will help protect local stocks and also mean you have your own handy for times when you are away from the vehicle, during your free time, and through your travel between your home and your destination.

We recognise that enjoying the local food and drink is a big part of travel – its one of our favourites too. We don’t want to take the opportunity away from anyone to try out local dishes and delicacies, but hygiene during breaks for meals is even more important now.

Reminders about hand washing will be given before meal times and should be followed at all times. Many hotels are removing buffet options and serving meals at the table, which will help to remove the risk of contact infection from serving cutlery & dishes.

We have always tried to offer the best value possible on our tours, including regular discount promotions when we have been able to negotiate special rates with our local partners and suppliers.

We’re very aware that times have been financially tough for many people during the Covid-19 crisis and will continue to do our best to offer great prices on all our tours.

We do however ask our travellers to consider that money is also tight for everyone in the supply chain arranging your holiday and in the local tourist industry. Many costs have increased somewhat, due to the extra precautions and protocols being put in place, and the lower number of expected or permitted visitors.

Most destinations will also have gone many months without seeing any tourists at all with corresponding drops in income for those affected. You may therefore find that the prices for eating, drinking, shopping, and for some activities in your destination may have gone up a little.

At the group meeting at the start of the tour, or when you meet your guide at the start of a private tour, part of the briefing will include a short health screening section. Should you have any Covid-19 symptoms you will be asked to seek medical advice (we will provide assistance), and for your health and safety, and for the benefit of everyone travelling with you, you will not be able to join the tour.

Should a traveller develop Covid-19 symptoms during a tour we will help arrange for a medical assessment and follow the rules and guidelines put in place by the local health authorities, including on whether a test is required.

In this situation, travellers should be prepared not to be able to re-join the tour until a negative test has been completed. Many local health authorities are putting procedures in place to facilitate quick testing of tourists and assigning locations for safe quarantining should this be required.

Should Covid-19 be confirmed then your fellow travellers will be informed, and deep cleaning and disinfecting procedures carried out. Any expenses for treatment, testing or quarantine, or rejoining the tour, will need to be covered by the traveller, though of course we will provide assistance.

Travel insurance has always been compulsory on all of our tours, and this continues to be the case. The insurance industry is still in the process of developing its response to Covid-19 and many policies currently do not provide cover for Coronavirus related issues. This has started to change with some insurers now confirming Covid-19 is covered, but please ensure you check the wording of the policy carefully and are aware of what it does and does not cover. Any expenses for treatment, testing or quarantine, or rejoining a tour, will need to be covered by the traveller, though of course we will provide assistance.
New policies purchased from us through our partnership with Endsleigh currently do provide cover for some coronavirus related situations, including:

  • Medical expenses abroad if you develop symptoms of Covid-19 and need testing or other treatment.
  • Accommodation and other expenses abroad if you develop symptoms and need testing or other treatment
  • Repatriation to your home country if needed for medical reasons caused by Covid-19
  • Cancellation cover before departure if you don’t have a positive test but it is deemed medically necessary not to travel (paperwork from your doctor will be required)
  • Cancellation cover before departure will be considered if you don’t have any symptoms but are in self quarantine due to government track & trace instructions, providing you have a government letter confirming this

However, the following situations are not covered…

  • Curtailment costs for the portion of a tour you may miss if you have to cut your tour short due to developing Covid-19 symptoms while abroad.
  • Cancellation cover before departure due to you having a positive Covid-19 test.
  • Cancellation cover before departure if you are subject to a local lockdown
  • Cancellation cover before departure if we are following official UK FCO advice and running your tour, but your home country is advising you against travel.

There are now some insurance policies available which do provide more extensive and comprehensive cover for Coronavirus/Covid-19 related situations, including cancellation cover. These include insurefor and Trailfinders. You should check the policy wording carefully to see what is and what is not covered.

When international tourist travel becomes possible again to each of our destinations, and before we start operating again ourselves, we will complete a Covid-19 risk assessment and audit of our operations and tours in that country. This process may result in some changes to the way some tours, or parts of tours are run both to comply with our own best practice requirements and with updated local regulations. Information will be provided to all customers before travel about any significant changes.